Adaptive Current Ripple Removing Power Switch

General Description

KP4213 is a current ripple removing power switch, which can remove 100Hz/120Hz current ripple produced by preceding stage LED controller. And no stroboscopic can be achieved with prober design. KP4213 integrates with adaptive current adjustment function to remove current ripple and minimize power loss. The control algorithm can ensure good steady and dynamic performance and can be compatible with Triac Dimming.

KP4213 integrates functions and protections of LED short circuit protection, OCP, LED open circuit protection and thermal foldback (OTP), etc.


l   Adaptive Constant Current Operation with Large Ripple Input

l   Internal HV LDO for VDD Supply

l   Internal 150V Power MOSFET

l   Fast Transient Response for Input On/OFF

l   Compatible with Triac Dimming Condition

l   Support No Overshoot Startup Operation

l   Inrush Current Limiting Protection

l   LED Short Protection with Auto Recovery

l   Over Temperature Protection

l   Available with ESOP-8 Package


l   High PF LED Driver

Pin Configuration

Typical Application Circuit

Ordering Information

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ESOP-8, Halogen free in T&R, 4000Pcs/Reel