Non-Isolated BuckBoost APFC Offline LED Controller

General Description

KP116 is a highly integrated LED Controller with constant current (CC) control for LED lighting applications. The IC utilizes Quasi-Resonant (QR) BuckBoost topology with active PFC control for high PF, low THD, and high efficiency.

KP116 integrates with high voltage startup and IC power supply circuit, which requires very few external components. The IC senses the inductor current during freewheeling period, which can achieve high precision CC control with excellent line and load regulation.

KP116 integrates functions and protections of Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting (OCP), Thermal Foldack (OTP), Output Over Voltage Protection (OVP), LED Open/Short Protection, etc.


l   Proprietary Active PFC for High PF and Low THD

l   PF>0.95 and THD<15% with Universal Input

l   Built-in HV Startup and IC Power Supply Circuit

l   Quasi-Resonant for High Efficiency

l   ±3% CC Regulation

l   Very Low VDD Operation Current

l   Excellent Line and Load Regulation

l   LED Open/Short Protection

l   Built-in Protections:

n  Output Over Voltage  Protection (OVP)

n  Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting (OCP)

n  Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)

n  LED Open/Short Protection

n  On-Chip Thermal Foldback (OTP)

l   Available in SOP-8 Package


l  T5/T8 LED Tube

l  High PF LED Bulb

Pin Configuration

Typical Application Circuit

Ordering Information

Part Number
KP116SPASOP-8, Pb free in T&R, 4000Pcs/Reel