Multi-Mode Quasi Resonant PSR CV/CC Controller

General Description

KP214LG is a high performance Quasi Resonant Primary Side Regulation (PSR) controller with high precision CV/CC control ideal for charger applications.

In CV mode, KP214LG adopts Multi Mode Control which uses the hybrid of AM (Amplitude Modulation) mode and FM (Frequency Modulation) mode to improve system efficiency and reliability. In CC mode, the IC uses QR control with CC loop regulation. The IC can achieve audio noise free operation and optimized dynamic response. The built-in Cable Drop Compensation (CDC) function can provide excellent CV performance.

KP214LG integrates functions and protections of Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), VDD over Voltage Protection (VDD OVP), Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting (OCP), Short Load Protection (SLP), FB Short Protection, Gate Clamping, and VDD Clamping.


l   Multi Mode PSR Control

l   Quasi Resonant Operation for High Efficiency

l   Audio Noise Free Operation

l   Fast Dynamic Response

l   Low Standby Power <70mW

l   ±4% CC and CV Regulation

l   Programmable Cable Drop Compensation (CDC) in PSR CV Mode

l   Built-in AC Line & Load CC Compensation

l   Build in Protections:

n  Short Load Protection (SLP)

n  On-Chip Thermal Shutdown (OTP)

n  Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting

n  Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)

n  Pin Floating Protection

n  VDD OVP & UVLO & Clamp

l   Available with SOT23-6L Package


l   Battery Chargers for Cellular Phones

l   AC/DC Power Adapter and LED Lightings

Pin Configuration

Typical Application Circuit

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SOT23-6L, Halogen free, in T&R, 3000Pcs/Reel